Product Designer

Job description

Great products are made by deeply understanding what is the job the customers want to be done and what is the core pain they want to solve. This is the approach we have towards building our product and we are looking for someone to join our team full-time to be the driving force behind our designs that solve an actual problem.

Why are we looking for a designer?

Right now, we have built a first iteration of the software that is being tested with customers as we speak, but there is much more for us to understand, iterate and improve.

What will you do? 🤔

As a designer, you would partner with our product manager, leadership, and other roles across the whole company to deeply understand our customers and explore the solution side to their problems.

Job requirements

That being said, you are the one if 👇

  • You have experience with real digital product design
  • You rather than focusing on dark mode are always trying to understand the real problem the customer does have, think about user experience and the flows they are making
  • You understand principles of UX and know how to work in tandem with product manager and within a product team
  • You have experience with talking to customers to understand their pains and needs and doing other kinds of customer research
  • You are passionate about building something and seeing the real impact of your work
  • You are proficient in Figma but are happy to supplement it with other lower fidelity tools if necessary
  • (bonus) You have ideally 2+ years of experience in digital product company

Who we are 🥭

Accomango is a SaaS enabled B2B Marketplace Startup founded in May 2020. We quickly raised our first investment round from a landmark European VC in August 2020. This quickly followed by another round of investment which we closed in April 2021.

We are on the mission of digitizing the last bastion of offline real estate – accommodation for agency workers and the blue-collar economy. Our product focuses on both sides of the marketplace – the demand side being companies that need to accommodate their employees and on the supply side, the accommodation providers who have capacities to offer.

The founding team gained experience from companies such as Productboard, Twisto, Rohlik, BCG & Enern Investments.

Who you’ll work with 🤝

Kubo, our Director of PM, will be the one you’ll be reporting to and other PMs on the team – Samo and Vlado (starting in July). Our design team currently consists of Tu and Jan (starting in July). And, of course, you will also be working closely together with the engineering team including Vojta, our Head of Engineering, and talented developers William, Jakub, Petr, or another Jakub.

What's in it for you 🌈

  • As a KEY employee, you will receive a significant pool of Stock Options
  • Competitive salary
  • Multisport card
  • 4 weeks of vacation
  • Full-remote, remote or on-site (Prague)

Accomango core values

  • We know when it's important to focus and work hard to deliver 🚀
  • We love to learn. Nobody is perfect and there are many people that can teach us what we are missing
  • We strive to deliver delightful product for our customers while having fun during the process
  • No hierarchy; ownership driven decision process