Backend Engineer

Job description

Hi, I am Vojta and I am looking for a partner, who will help me and the rest of the engineering team to build a strong company. Someone, who has high standards for his or her own and others' work.

Who you are 👋

An experienced, self-driven, and pragmatic software engineer, who loves coding, getting things done, and has a strong focus on results. You are good at proactively solving challenges, and able to dive deep into a subject matter when required.

Just like us, you believe that business growth starts with a fantastic product. A product that people love to use and that inspires them. You desire to do things better and to improve the world around you. You believe that results and impact matter more than hours spent.

What will you do? 🤔

  • Have an impact on making important technical decisions. Our codebase is pretty new and nothing is set in stone.
  • If you are experienced enough we would love you to mentor other team members - extremely smart and enthusiastic engineers
  • Learn how to leverage new technologies so we can move as fast as possible (we love moving fast by making wise choices, not working overtime)
  • Have a lot of freedom in defining your role and career path.
  • Do a lot of coding and code reviews as well :)
  • Work closely with the rest of the Product Team to build world-class software to disrupt Blue-Collar economy accommodation

Job requirements

That being said, you are the one if 👇

  • You have at least 3 years of professional software development experience. Experience with building SaaS products is a big plus.
  • You are a backend-oriented engineer with experience of building web applications.
  • You consider yourself as a “problem solver” and specific technologies are just tools for how to crack the problems. (We use Python, TypeScript, GraphQL, Kubernetes and we are very open to using cutting-edge technologies)
  • “Trade-off” is your favorite word and you are always eager to find the most favorable (and pragmatic) decision.
  • You love sharing your knowledge, experience, as well as random crazy ideas with other curious minds.
  • You understand the symbiotic product – engineering relationship, especially during the initial stages of a startup.

Who we are 🥭

Accomango is a SaaS enabled B2B Marketplace Startup founded in May 2020. We quickly raised our first investment round from a landmark European VC in August 2020. This quickly followed by another round of investment which we closed in April 2021.

We are on the mission of digitizing the last bastion of offline real estate – accommodation for agency workers and blue-collar economy. Our product focuses on both sides of the marketplace – the demand side being companies that need to accommodate their employees and on the supply side, the accommodation providers who have capacities to offer.

Our team gained experience from companies such as Productboard, Twisto, Kiwi, Rohlik,, Bolt, BCG & Enern Investments.

Who you’ll work with 🤝

Vojta, our Head of Engineering, will be the one you'll be reporting to. You will join William, Jakub, Petr, Kuba, Ondro (starting in July), and more people in our engineering team, where everyone works together and contributes to the success of our product. We really believe in the power of a strong and cross-functional product team. That being said you will also be working closely together with Kubo, our Director of PM, and the other 2 PMs on the team, and moreover with Tu and Jan (starting in July) – our Product Designers.

What's in it for you 🌈

  • As a KEY employee, you will receive a pool of Accomango's Stock Options
  • Competitive salary
  • Multisport card
  • 4 weeks of vacation
  • Full-remote, remote or on-site (Prague)