Our Story

Patrick and Karel are our founders who stand behind Accomango. They know each other since high school. Early in 2020, they agreed on starting a business together. They pioneered several ideas and after some time of iterating, they decided to start Accomango.

Very soon after the official start of Accomango we've raised the pre-seed round led by Enern VC of 9 million CZK (410k USD). After some time spent mainly on scaling both the team and the product we raised another round of 40 million CZK (1.9 m USD) of seed investment in April 2021 which was led by Purpose Ventures and Kaya VC. This will allow us to even accelerate our growth 🚀

And here we are. We are on the mission of digitizing the last bastion of offline real estate – accommodation for agency workers and the blue-collar economy.

Our product

Accomango is a SaaS enabled digital B2B marketplace.

Our product focuses on both sides of the marketplace – the demand side being companies that need to accommodate their employees and on the supply side, the accommodation providers who have capacities to offer.

With just a few simple clicks in the Accomango app, our customers can create a booking in a few steps, gather all the information about their accommodated employees in one place, and make this all happen with just one invoice at the end of the month.

Feel free to check more detailed information about the product! 👀

Open Positions

Find your own way how to make the impact. 🙋‍♂️

Product Designer
  • Prague, Czechia
Frontend Engineer (React, TypeScript)
  • Prague, Czechia
Fullstack Engineer
  • Prague, Czechia
Backend Engineer
  • Prague, Czechia

Meet the Mangos of Accomango!

OUR TEAM. 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦

Patrick Havlíček
Founder & CEO
Karel Zheng
Founder & People
Jakub Kubiš
Director of Product
Petr Friedrich
Frontend Engineer
Matej Ďuríček
Head of Sales
Julie Kopáčková
Frontend Engineer
Denisa Havlíčková
Junior Finance Analyst
Zbyněk Novotný
People Operations
Samuel Nvota
Associate Product Manager
Vojtěch Přikryl
Head of Engineering
Jakub Novák
Software Engineer
Miroslav Pazdera
Key Account Manager
William Tatarko
Software Engineer
Adam Štěpánek
Client Sales Manager
Thi Cam Tu Tran
Product Designer
Lucia Daďová
Customer Care
Tomáš Hodický
Accommodation Sales Manager
Jana Poděbradská
Customer Care
Jakub Kuba
Senior Manager Business Operations
Jakub Šoltés
Senior Software Engineer
Dina Alieva
Customer Care Specialist
Head of Cuddling


How do we work? 🤓

Why do we have this? Having our internal Team Handbook goes hand in hand together with both providing a smooth onboarding experience to our new hires and documenting some of the internal processes and procedures that will help to navigate some questions and situations from day to day life to experienced people on the team as well. 

Our mangos can find there information about what to do when they want to take time off, life in the office, employee referrals, payday and related information, org structure, our benefits, basic communication rules, and expectations in the platforms we use. And there is also a dedicated Notion page only for new starters that guide them through their onboarding process, helps them to set up all the tools we use, and get at least some parts of the full picture/context that is needed for engaged life at Accomango in general.

Actually, not only our mangos do have access to this information – now you can have access too! Feel free to check our team handbook over here  👈

Get more insights to our world


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Lepší bydlení pro modré límečky. Startup Accomango na to dostal 40 milionů

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Vytvořením digitálního tržiště ubytoven pomůže Accomango až 400 tisícům dělníků k lepšímu ubytování

👉 Learn more about how do we plan to make the impact in the world of accommodation for agency and blue collar workers.